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Elli makes it to Salman’s birthday bash and Kat doesn’t!

Salman’s birthday bash is the talk of the town in bollywood at the moment with a lot of the stars attending it and making it a grand and memorable event for Salman Bhai who turned 48 today. There was one person who was conspicuous by her absence though, and she was none other than Katrina Kaif who always stood by him for the past few years.

And the reason, as we can expect is that fact that she has flown away with beau Ranbir Kapoor to celebrate the new year.It really is surprising how easily and suddenly people change in the world of bollywood.

The new guest who got added to the guest list for Salman’s birthday bash this year was Elli Avram and in a way she filled the void that Kat left by not being there. Elli Avram the Big Boss participant has also been compared to Kat by Salman himself many a times on the show where he also would keep on praising her for every little thing. Elli in return, tried her best to please Salman Khan by cooking for him, learning Hindi for him and all of that giving us the impression that something was going on between them. Looks like something is after all going on between them or she wouldn’t be there at Salman’s birthday bash.

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