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Did Afridi ask for an explanation from the Total Siyapaa team?

Total Siyapaa Ali Zafar and Yami Gautam’s upcoming romantic comedy has a line in the trailer in which Ali Zafar who plays a Pakistani boy settled in London tries to woo Yami Gautam, an Indian girl settled in London and uses a line that says something like ‘We Pakistanis are fed up of Afridi’.

And this, it has been reported has not been taken very well by the cricketer who happened to watch the trailer. Ali Zafar came out with reports that said that all that was only just a rumor and that Afridi has not reacted to it at all. He claims that the dialogue was not offensive at all and that we would realize that when we watch the movie.

“Afridi did not demand any explanation regarding the dialogue. He is a great sportsman and great sportsmen have sportsman spirit,” posted Ali Zafar on his twitter account. In addition to that, he asked everyone not to judge Total Siyapaa until they watch the movie by posting, “Request you all to see the full film with the complete dialogues and banter between the boy girl in the film, before making any judgement.” As for us, we think that all this could be some sort of a publicity stunt….

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