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Mahabharat Script approved by scholars

In a country where the adage ‘many-a-slip-between-the-cup-and-the-lip’ is true in the case of controversies surrounding films, the makers of the animated film Mahabharat didn’t want to take any chances with the script of the film and turned to scholars for approval.

Pandit Dr Brahmananda Vyas, author and expert on mythological tales, Indian culture, history and spirituality, was approached by the film-makers and he approved the script of the film.

Amaan Khan, director of the film, says, “Mahabharat is a widely read and complex tale, so we wanted to be doubly sure of the detailing. For instance, when the Pandavas are exiled, we wanted to know the exact number of years they went into hiding. Thus, we wanted a scholar on board, a ready reckoner, whom we could consult from time to time.”

“Dr. Brahmananda Vyas has worked with the Sagars (well-known for making mythological serials) for years. Once our script was ready, he signed on it, marking an official approval,” he added.

Produced by Kushal Gada and Dhaval Gada, Mahabharat releases on December 27.

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