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What happened to Arshad Warsi’s directorial plans?

There was a time when Arshad Warsi was going to make his directorial debut when he was going to make a film called Akkad which would be a detective movie in which Priyanka Chopra was rumored to be the lead. But for some reason, this film did not happen and Arshad Warsi has gone on to sign a lot of films as the lead actor instead and looks like its going to be a long time before he directs a film now with Mr.Joe B Cavalho and Dedh Ishqiya up for release..

So why is it that Arshad Warsi’s directorial debut is not happening? Here’s what Arshad has got to say about it, “It takes two years to make a film and I would rather be an actor in this time period and make some money. Aakhirkaar government ko bhi toh apni aadhi income deni hai through taxes and all.”

With that, he makes it clear that he will not be directing a film anytime soon. A close friend of Arshad Warsi confirms this, “That’s true, it is acting and only acting for him now.Earlier this year he delivered his first undisputed solo hit in the form of Jolly LLB. As is the saying, ‘chalte engine ka bonnet nahin kholna chahiye’. When the going is good for him, why should he let it all on hold and instead spend over a year in putting together the film?”


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