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“I was out of work before Vivah” Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor who is now basking in the success of R…Rajkumar did not have a smooth sailing film career despite being one of the most wanted stars of bollywood and being around here since a very long time. Shahid Kapoor reminisces his very strange career graph and the even stranger ways of bollywood, when during the successful Vivah, he wasn’t offered any films while during Mausam which was a failure, he was offered as many as 18 films!

“I went through a phase before Vivah, when I had no film offers for six months. That is the only time (when I was out of work). After I did Mausam, I had 18 film offers. I was very shocked” was what he said on it.

“And I told my dad (Pankaj Kapoor) that the film Mausam has not done well, why this is happening? I have never had so many film offers. He said since two years I was only working on Mausam and now that the film is released people who were waiting to work with me have come up. “So sometimes, you have a hit film and don’t have offers and vice versa. Just because the film has done well doesn’t mean people will come up with offers” Shahid Kapoor adds.

So what does the success of R…Rajkumar mean to him? “I am happy that my last film R Rajkumar has done as last couple of years I did not have successful films. I am really happy with the way people have responded to the film. I have visited theatres and seen it myself. It was very vocal and I felt happy about it” Shahid Kapoor says in response.


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