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Top 10 lame statements made by our Bollywood actors in 2013

They are hot and happening, stylish and super talented and a few of them are actually worshiped like God. But, there are times when these guys talk plain rubbish. Basically, they are so caught up with media attention that, they forget to think before they speak. Like every year, this year too had it’s good share of random and nonsensical bulls**t. And some of these statements were made by some really smart a** celebs, just to hog limelight.

We bring to you 10 dumbest statements made by some of our gorgeous Bollywood actors.

Abhishek Bachchan on Dhoom

fainting gif
“Pardon the immodesty, but Uday Chopra and I are Dhoom. The franchise chronicles the ongoing adventures of Jai and Ali, that’s me and Uday. The other characters may come and go. But we go on forever. Like Batman & Robin. Can there be a Batman franchise without Batman?”

WeSay: Wait! Did he just compare himself with Batman & Robin? *faints*

Salman Khan on his virginity

“I am a virgin,” admitted Salman Khan on Koffee With Karan, adding, “I’m going to save myself for the one that I get married to.”

WeSay: So tell us Salman, where was the Revital going all these years? 😉

Katrina Kaif on her marriage

“Its final and lock it. I am not getting married to anyone right now for next 20 to 30 years.”

WeSay: Babe’s, you seriously need a divine intervention.

Ameesha Patel on her stardom

Who are you gif
“I think I have to be the most loved Bollywood star. The reason being, the Gujaratis love me, and post Gadar the Pujabis too have openly welcomed me as their own”.

WeSay: Ummm! Ameesha Patel who?

Kangana Ranaut on her future man

“I don’t give physical relationships that much importance. I’ll be okay if my man has sex with someone else. It won’t make me insecure. But yes, if he’s in love with another woman, I will have to let him go.”

WeSay: Just one word: Eew!

Vivek Oberoi on his performance as Kaal in Krrish 3

“I am feeling so good. I am amazed at the love that has come my way for my character Kaal in Krrish 3. People are comparing it with the likes of Gabbar and Mogambo. Some others are saying that it is an international level of performance. They say that Vivek Oberoi’s Kaal is in par with Heath Ledger’s ‘Joker’ in Batman. These compliments have made me very happy.”

WeSay: What were you thinking (or not) Vivek.

Jaya Bachchan insists on her bahu being called Aishwarya Rai Bachchan & not ‘Ash’

Calm down
“Kya Aishwarya Aishwarya bula rahe ho, tumhare class mein padhti thi kya?”

ebei pastillas levrita WeSay: Jaya, will you relax???

Kareena Kapoor on her rejected films

oh really
“There is no heroine like me who has left more films than I have, and given them on a platter to everybody and said go do it.”

WeSay: Talk to the hand, girl, ‘cos the face ain’t listening!

Mallika Sherawat makes false claims

What did you say
“I was the first actress in India to kiss on screen and wear a bikini. Imagine in this 21st century? And instantly I became a fallen woman and a superstar at the same time.”

WeSay: Do your homework well lady. Just in case you did not watch the 1933 film ‘Karma’ and then the 1973 film ‘Bobby’ and then the 1988 film ‘Dayavan’ and the 1996 film ‘Raja Hindustani’…. and many more before your 2003 film ‘Khwahish’. :-/

Sonam Kapoor on Bollywood fashion

“All actresses are following my fashion sense. All actresses are doing it (following fashion, styling) now. After I started doing it, all of them started doing it. So maybe it (fashion side) is working some way or the other or else why would everybody do that.”

WeSay: Babe’s you are a classic example of beauty without brains. *Sigh*d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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  1. Luisa

    April 12, 2014 at 9:21 pm

    Oh my god! That was absolutely funny 😀 The best was from Ameesha Patel 😀 I mean she’s not even a star! The best role she ever had was in Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai… but okay 😛 And Salman’s comment on his ‘virginity’ was absolutely ridiculous 😀 Well done guys!

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