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The most talked about bollywood controversies of 2013

Despite all the attempts that bollywood stars make to hide from the cameras, everything they do is news and when they get involved in some kind of controversy, it then becomes the most talked about thing by the entire nation. And 2013 has had a fair share of bollywood controversies and scandals. Here’s a compilation of the biggest hot potatoes of 2013 for you..

When Ranbir and Katrina holidayed in Spain

ranbir and katrina

Just when rumors of Ranbir and Katrina’s alleged relationship were coming out, these two were snapped holidaying in Spain and we must say that nothing in 2013 has been talked about as much as that picture by the whole of the country after it got out. Needless to say, the couple since then became the hottest pair in b-town.

When Jiah Khan’s sudden death shook the nation

jiah khan

The very sudden and tragic demise of Jiah Khan was definitely the most shocking event in 2013 and the whole of the nation was heart-broken at the news. The worst part is when it was revealed that the death might actually be a murder and not a suicide. With the verdict still not out, Jiah’s death is going to continue to haunt us for the coming year as well.

When SRK tried to find out AbRam’s gender before birth


While the fact that Shah Rukh Khan was going to have a surrogate baby was a very special news in itself, the whole of the country, especially the women’s rights activists went gung ho when he tried to find out the baby’s gender before he was born. Shah Rukh however, denies that he’s got the sex determination test done for AbRam.

When Sohail Khan slapped Varun Dhawan

sohail and varun

The Khan brothers were always known for their very unruly ways but when Sohail Khan went on to slap Varun Dhawan after the two got into an argument, it was something that everyone had something to say about. When Varun failed to pay the money he owed to a vendor, he got Sohail Khan to warn him to pay the money and Sohail Khan ended up slapping him and that ended up being one of the biggest bollywood controversies this year.

When Shah Rukh and Salman embraced each other

shah rukh and salman

Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan who have never got along that well hugged each other at an Iftar party and the whole of the country went crazy with that really unexpected turn out of things between them. While some say that it is the end of their cold war, some say it was done just for the cameras.

When Mona Singh was captured naked

mona singh

In what was a very embarassing and scandalous MMS leak, Mona Singh, the popular TV actress who was really loved by everyone for her role as Jessi, was captured walking around naked in a house on the camera. This led to the end of the actor’s relationship with Vidyut Jamwal.

When Tanisha and Armaan got too close

tanisha and armaan

Season 7 of Big Boss, we must say is the most controversial season so far and when Tanisha and with the much older Armaan Kohli getting too close to each other it got more contriversial. Rumor is that they were caught in bed as well. The reaction of poor Tanisha’s family to all this was also kind of shocking and was really talked about.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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