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Ranbir makes up a very fake excuse for not attending Deepika Padukone’s bash

Looks like it wasn’t just Salman Khan who could not make it to Deepika Padukone’s bash, Ranbir Kapoor, her ex flame was not there at the party too. In fact, to avoid being a part of Deepika Padukone’s bash, Ranbir Kapoor pretended to change his plans twice in the past couple of days when in reality his plans actually remained the same.

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif were supposed to be attending the Big Apple after a short personal vacation but all this was only after Ranbir Kapoor attended the Christmas Party with his family. This was the original plan.
When his manager was asked on the day of Deepika Padukone’s bash as to whether he would be attending it or not, he said Ranbir can’t make it as he changed his plans and would be leaving for the vacation with Katrina Kaif that night after deciding not to attend the Chirstmas party so he could spend more time with Katrina.

But just like we expected, he did not leave and cited that Katrina Kaif had to attend to something in Mumbai because of which they stayed back and that he would be attending the christmas lunch after all. So obviously this whole thing was just made up as an excuse for him not to attending Deepika Padukone’s bash.

After the duo shared a very warm friendship on YJHD sets, we thought that all was well between them. So why all this conspiracy we ask?

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