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Dhoom3 box office collections: A grand opening with 69.58 crores!

The third installment of the Yash Raj Films’ blockbuster series Dhoom got a huge positive response just like it was expected and has also managed to rake in huge sums at the box office with the Dhoom3 box office collections hitting a total of 69.58 crores just in the first two days!

On the first day of its release, i.e., on the Friday, the Dhoom3 box office collections reached upto a whopping 36.22 crores at the box office on the second day, the Saturday, the collections were 33.36 crores. This sums up to 69.58 crores and includes the collections from the dubbed tamil and telugu versions.

Aamir Khan plays the bad guy this time and while some people felt like he didn’t really fit into the shoes of an action hero, some of the audiences thought that he was awesome like he always is. Katrina Kaif who looked incredibly hot in the film managed to bring in a very special charm to the movie.

If this is what Dhoom3 box office collections are for the first weekend, it’s definitely going to make it to the 200 crore club with the holiday season of the Christmas and New Year coming up.

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