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The Best Incident And The Worst Drama In Bollywood In The Past Week!

Bollywood has a lot of drama to offer you every single day. Be it good or bad, everything here happens at a cost!

Over the past week there have been way too many things happening in B’Town. Here is a look at what we thought was the best and the worst thing to happen in Bollywood this past week!

Aww.. Look who just got cute!!

Srk with daughter suhana
This kiddo is leaving no stone unturned to make sure daddy is proud of her!

Shahrukh Khan’s daughter, Suhana Khan makes him proud
Shahrukh Khan is one proud papa these days, and it’s all because of his pretty daughter Suhana. So what did this little girl do that her daddy just can’t stop gushing about her? Read more

Isn’t she adorable?

Ooops! Something just wasn’t right!!

Dhoom 3 (1)
We hoped for something amazing but turned out this was just nothing but a huge disappointment.

Dhoom 3 Review – Doomsday for Dhoom day!
Just when Bollywood started becoming stale with it’s not-so-impressive negative characters and the audience started giving in to the mundane stories where the Hero overcomes all beatings, sufferings and comes out on top victorious, Aditya Chopra shook the film industry with his 2004 revolutionary flick Dhoom. It was this very film which made us believe that cops in movies are not always super-cops, actresses are not just sidelined bimbos and villains are way more cooler than heroes. Read more

Phew!! Just didn’t live up to our expectations.} else {

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