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Interesting fact about Salman Khan dicovered in the movie ‘Jai Ho’!

Once the Dhoom 3 fever fades a little, we are very certain that ‘Jai Ho’ will be the next big thing. So after doing some intense research and digging, we found a very interesting fact about the movie. Salman Khanis going to be called ‘Jai’ for the very first time on the big screen. Now what we wonder is, how come Salman Khan – who has a over a zillions movies to his credit – never had this name?

What we think is that he prefers to have a few specifin screen names which he considers to be lucky for him. To explain what we mean – Salman has been called Prem in eleven movies; Raj in five movies; Suraj, Sameer and Raja in four movies. He even confirmed this belief of his in Koffee with Karan, when he said that people tend to remember his screen image.

But don’t you feel that Salman Khan’s name has become too big now to bother about the screen names? or is he still insecure about his success? Well, post Wanted he has become such a crowd puller, that he can openly say ‘What’s in a name?’ We think Jai as a name, is definitely going to stick in the audience’s minds.

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