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Abhishek Bachchan proves to be a doting husband once again!

With Dhoom 3 getting so successful already, Abhishek Bachchan is naturally the most wanted star at the moment and is being called for openings and all sorts of endorsements. Abhishek Bachchan was invited as one of the guests at the Kingfisher 2014 calender launch by Vijay Mallya.

But then, one of Aishwarys Rai’s relatives had passed away suddenly and Abhishek Bachchan had to attend the funeral. Being the doting and responsible husband that Abhishek is, he naturally chose to go to the funeral instead of the Kingfisher calender opening. Bachchan Jr supposedly called up Vijay Mallya and explained to him that he won’t be able to attend the launch. And Vijay Mallya expressed his concern and asked to him go to the funeral.

Not just that, he also supposedly cancelled another Dhoom 3 meeting that he was going to attend with the cast on the evening that day so he could make it to the funeral. No matter how big a star Abhishek Bachchan is, when it comes to family, nothing else is more important to him, it seems. Isn’t that sweet?

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