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“Salman takes credit for Dhoom 3 promotions” Aamir Khan

It is hard not to notice that Aamir Khan and Salman Khan are bonding like no two actors in bollywood ever did but we never expected that their friendship would go so far that they would actually promote each others films. It was indeed surprising when we saw Salman Khan promoting Dhoom 3 in his Big Boss 7 by wearing the hat that Aamir is seen sporting in Dhoom 3. And the ever-so-grateful Aamir couldn’t stop thanking him and promoting his film Jai Ho in a recent interview with the media.

“I will give all the credit to Salman for the promotions (of ‘Dhoom 3’). I was talking to Salman today, and said you have really embarrassed me, what are you doing? He was like no, let me do what I am doing. But that is his love and his affection and I hope I too can do something for him which I definitely will” was what Aamir said talking about Salman promoting Dhoom 3 in Big Boss 7.

He in turn started promoting Jai Ho for Salman Khan by talking about how he can’t wait to see Jai Ho and how Salman grew as an actor. “Whenever Salman’s films release we all eagerly await its release and like all of you I too am a fan of his. I have not seen the promo of ‘Jai Ho’ but I will watch it today.I am really waiting to see ‘Jai Ho’. Its a good title as well. I am sure it will be a good film” Aamir says, promoting Jai Ho in a way.

“I have noticed that over the last two-three years his (Salman Khan) work has improved a lot. I loved his ‘Dabangg’. I think he is growing as an actor” adds Aamir.

We really are glad that the two Khans are getting so close to each other and hope for them that this new found friendship and brotherhood of theirs prospers.

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