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“I take credit for Dhoom 3 success” Uday Chopra

Uday Chopra has been a part of the Dhoom series ever since it was made and however insignificant his roles have been, we have to admit that we can’t imagine Dhoom without him. A day before the release of Dhoom 3, Uday Chopra talks about the movie and his role in it, saying that this time he’s going to take credit for the success of Dhoom 3 because he broke one of his feet while shooting for it!

Jai and Ali despite being really talented police officers never catch the thief in any of the movies, talking about this, Uday Chopra says, “You have to ask the writer that. We would like to change it. In Dhoom 3 the scriptwriter is also the director so you have to ask him that. Personally I would love to catch them. Maybe this time we do. I won’t tell you but, you have to wait for the film to come out on December 20th to find out.”

With every new movie of the series, Dhoom only gets more popular. This is what Uday thinks is the reason for that, “A couple of things make the Dhoom series work. There is a lot of adrenalin rush and action to keep it going. When we started with the first ‘Dhoom’ we were experimenting. John, Abhishek and I weren’t doing great in our careers. We wanted the film to rely heavily on action and from then on action has become another character in the film. Also action excited people and so we try to push the envelope even further and beyond imagination with each film.”

Did you know that Uday Chopra actually broke one of his feet while shooting for Dhoom 3. But he isn’t worried, as he believes that when an actor gets injured, the movie will do well. So that’w why, if Dhoom 3 becomes a big hit, Uday Chopra’s broken foot would be the reason for that..!

“There were no bizarre action sequences so to say but I broke my foot while shooting. It is a superstition where they say if an actor breaks a foot or injures himself during the shoot then the film goes on to become a hit. So let’s just say this time I take the credit for the success of Dhoom 3” says Uday, speaking about it.

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