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Dilip Kumar’s bungalow dispute comes to an end

Dilip Kumar’s Bungalow dispute that has been making news since a long time might very soon come to an amicable ending as per what his brother Ehsaan Khan who filed a complaint on him says.

The 48, Pali Hills Bungalow has been built by the actor in the 50’s and since then has been shared by him and his two brothers, Ehsaan Khan (77) and Aslam Khan (75). After they’ve recently decided to demolish the building and build a multi storeyed apartment complex in its place, before the construction started, Ehsaan Khan and Aslam Khan have both filed a case on their brother saying that he hasn’t given them the maintenance money that he’s agreed to give them while they stayed away along with the 1200 sq ft apartment and the 800 sq ft apartment that he was supposed to give them.

But now, looks like the brothers have come to an amicable agreement out of the court as the ban on the construction is very soon going to get lifted off the bungalow as the brothers have withdrawn the complaint that was made by them on Dilip Kumar.

Speaking about this, Ehsaan Khan says, “It is unfortunate that we were forced to take legal action against our brother. But things have changed now. The court has cleared the redevelopment of the bungalow. We do not wish to pursue the case further as we have been getting feelers that they are working out a deal for us. If they are ready to settle the issue amicably,then even we don’t have a problem.” So looks like the Dilip Kumar’s bungalow dispute is finally going to come to an end.
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