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Dhoom 3 to be the first film to release in Pakistan

Some time ago, a court order was passed in Pakistan stating that no Indian film should be released in the country. Now, Yash Raj Films’ has done the seemingly impossible by getting permissions to release the movie in Pakistan.

Yash Raj Films’ Vice President International Operations, Avtar Singh said, “We wish to extend our gratitude to the authorities for their support to ensure that business for producers as well as the local Pakistani distributors and exhibitors is protected.”

Dhoom 3, which is touted as the biggest release this year, has gone bigger by firmly establishing its global presence. Commenting on the magnitude of the film, Abhishek Bachchan (who plays the protagonist), said “Dhoom 3, I feel, is the most different Dhoom from the previous two outings. With the third part, we pushed the ante, thus making it edgier. This part is not just about fun and frolic, which the first two parts were known for. It’s more intense.”

Meanwhile, Aamir Khan (who plays the primary antagonist in the film), has done something surprising. He will be seen sporting his 3 Idiots look in this film. There is a scene in 3 Idiots which shows him in a white tuxedo with a black bow and dancing away with the leading lady. This movie has a similar scene with the same costume. Check it out folks!var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’); } else {

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