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Aamir Khan disappointed with Tarun Tejpal’s behaviour

Aamir Khan has always proven himself to be one good citizen always standing up for the good of the society and he also makes it a point that all of his movies have some kind of message to the society. When the news of the woman journalist being harassed by Tehelka’s editor Tarun Tejpal came out, he was extremely disappointed with the news and talked about how he is going to lend his support to the journalist.

Aamir knew Tarun Tejpal even before the incident and this caused him to get more disappointed with his behaviour. “I am very disappointed with what happened in this case. I know Tarun and I am really upset about how he seems to have behaved. It is very tragic. At this point, my thoughts are with the girl for what she is going through. I think all of us should be supportive of her and what she is going through” said Aamir, voicing his support to her.

Aamir also thought that society must change the way it is reacting to women being subject to sexual harassment. “Whenever sexual harassment or rape happens it is not women’s fault. Those who have done it must feel guilty and not the victim. Society must change its views about women whenever such incidents happen and not blame or question women, like what she was wearing, or why the girl went to that place. Society must change its mindset” he says.

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