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Shah Rukh Khan never saw Swades!

Swades, the Ashutosh Gowariker is unquestionably one of the best movies in the career of Shah Rukh Khan, as unlike most of the bollywood movies, Swades is based on staunch reality and without all the regular filmy drama, is very moving. And no one could have portrayed the role of the NRI returning to India, discovering his own motherland better than the King Khan himself. But did you know that Shah Rukh Khan has never watched the completed movie at all?

Yes..Shah Rukh Khan in all these years has never watched the finished version of Swades. But before you conclude that it is because of lack of interest or a busy schedule, Shah Rukh Khan didn’t watch Swades because he didn’t want to get done with it. Shah Rukh Khan admits to loving working for the movie so much that he could not bring himself to watching the finished movie.

Here’s what he says, talking about the movie, “Making Swades was such an emotionally overwhelming experience that I never saw the finished product. Didn’t want the feeling to end…”

Thanking his co-stars who were responsible for the experience, Shah Rukh Khan added, “”Thank you Ashutosh for changing my life. Gayatri, A R Rahman and Javed Akhtar sahib for helping calling ‘a Swades a Swades.”

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