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The reason Boney Kapoor won’t produce Tevar

We know how Arjun Kapoor is going to be a part of the new film that has been titled Tevar, which will be the remake of the telugu hit movie Okkadu and will be directed by debutant director Amit Sharma. Arjun’s dad Boney Kapoor was the man who bought the rights of the telugu film, and naturally we thought that he will be producing it along with Eros, as was rumored previously.

It turns out that he won’t and instead, Sanjay Kapoor will be producing Tevar. This is apaprently because of the monetary disputes that Boney Kapoor has with Sahara. Confirming this, a source close to the film says, ““Boney Kapoor cannot produce a film due to his ongoing monetary dispute with Sahara. So instead Sanjay Kapoor will produce the film with Eros.”

Boney Kapoor meanwhile will be producing Salman Khan’s No Entry 2 which will soon begin. Sanjay Kapoor confirmed the fact that he will be producing Tevar in an interview with a magazine by saying, “I am making Tevar and Boney is starting No Entry 2 with Salman Khan.”

The shooting of Tevar which also stars Sonakshi Sinha along with Arjun Kapoor will start off next month. Arjun Kapoor will be playing a regular college kid from Agra who also is a Kabaddi Champion in the movie. worldmed direct review

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