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Aamir Khan wants a Sarfarosh 2!

Sarfarosh was undoubtedly one of the best movies of Aamir Khan, where he plays a policeman chasing terrorists, something that the audiences and critics loved a lot back in those days. Now, Aamir Khan wants a sequel of Sarfarosh, Sarfarosh 2 to be made.

Although he’s not talked about it, he apparently called up the director of Sarfarosh, John Matthew Mathan and talked to him about the possibilty of Sarfarish 2 being made now. John Matthew Mathan, who is gearing up for the Christmas celebrations, admitted to this when he was asked by the media, saying, “Yes, Aamir has called me. He has spoken about it to me and the possibility of writing a sequel. I haven’t started work on it. It is too early to talk about it.”

While we do understand that Sarfarosh being the really amazing movie that it was, it is natural for the lead actor Aamir to want a sequel to be made for it. But why is it that the desire to make a sequel came up in his mind now, after all these years and not earlier is something that only he should know.

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