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Shruti Hassan will be the leading lady of Gabbar

We’ve reported how the Tamil hit movie Ramana is being remade in bollywood with Akshay Kumar as the lead as Gabbar. The makers were in search for a female lead for this movie since a long time. Initially they wanted to have Shraddha Kapor as the lead, but owing to her busy schedule, she could not adjust her dates and this led to her not being a part of the film. Now, the buzz is that Shruti Hassan got roped in as the female lead for Gabbar.

What is interesting is that it was Shruti Hassan who was initially considered for the role, but she did not commit due to lack of bulk dates and a busy schedule. And later, since Shraddha Kapoor couldn’t make it, Shruti Hassan was roped in. How is it that she found time in her busy schedule now, is something we don’t understand.

Upon the media trying to get information from Shruti Hassan on her being a part of Gabar, she refused to say anything. Sources close to her say that she plans on revealing more information about it in the press conference that will soon be held by the Gabbar team. high blood pressure medication prices

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