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Salman’s Jai Ho trailer might have been copied!

Salman Khan’s Jai Ho trailer has become an instant hit with the audiences as soon as it got released, one reason being that it was Salman’s movie and the other reason being that the trailer was made so nicely. The movie we know is the dubbed version of the telugu movie Stalin which has been directed by Murugadoss. But on closer examination, the Jai Ho trailer as we see has been entirely copied from a hollywood flick.

If we look at the Jai Ho trailer, the entire concept of a person helping three others in the chain like manner has been entirely lifted of from the trailer of the Hollywood flick ‘Pay It Forward’. In the trailer of Pay It Forward that was directed by Mimi Leder, a little boy is sen drawing the chain, where as in Jai Ho trailer, Salman Khan is seen drawing the chain. It is possible that the telugu movie has also been lifted off from Pay It Forward.

When Sohail Khan, one of the producers was questioned about this, he responded by saying that he knows the movie was dubbed from Stalin but he knew of no other resemblance. “I am only aware of Stalin and currently I am busy with the film’s post production” was what he said.

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