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The makers of Dhoom 3 had to make urgent changes to get the U/A certificate?

Dhoom 3 is without doubt the most awaited movie of 2013. The movie is nearing its mega release on 20th December and not much has been revealed about the film till now, but we have got some ‘Taaza’ bits of information about the film through censor board cuts. Even though the CBFC (central board of film certification) gave the movie a green light with UA certificate (Unrestricted public exhibition- but with parental guidance), the makers had to part ways with three cuts or mutes or changes in the movie.

Among the three changes made in the movie by CBFC, the most interesting one is that of changing a very controversial line in the movie. It seems that there was a dialogue line in Dhoom 3 with the word ‘bloody Indian’. CBFC may have found this line very offensive as the term is very insulting to the citizens of this country and thus ordered to change it.

Now the dialogue has been changes to ‘You are Indian’ and the film has attained a UA certificate. Another line that had to be edited from the movie is ‘bloody retard’ and it has been changed now to ‘bloody idiot’. CBFC also has asked Dhoom 3 producers to add a disclaimer in the beginning of the movie. The film now carries the disclaimer which tells, ‘the stunts shown in the film are performed by professionals ,please do not imitate’.

After all the cuts and changes, running length of the film has now become 172 minutes and 21 seconds (2 hours 52 minutes 21 seconds). The Tamil/Telugu versions of Dhoom 3 is also passed with same ‘U/A’ certificate. British Censor Board (BBFC) also passed Dhoom 3 with its length remaining 172 minutes and 14 seconds.

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