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Udita Goswami is the inspiration for Shraddha’s role in Villain!

We’ve all been awed by Shraddha Kapoor’s look in Villain as the girl riding the bullet, but did you know that there was actually a real life inspiration behind this? Apparently, the girl behind Shraddha Kapoor’s role is none other than Mohit Suri’s wife, Udita Goswami.

When the director was shooting with Udita Goswami for his film Zeher in Goa, he was surprised to see her riding a bullet, after which, he completely fell for her. And he admits that it was she who was the inspiration behind the role of Shraddha Kapoor in Bullet.

Reminiscing the incident, here’s what Mohit Suri says, “I wanted an unusual shot for introducing Shraddha in the film. Exactly ten years back, I was shooting my first film ‘Zeher’ with my wife Udita Goswami with a new star cast and a small budget.

We were put up in a small boutique hotel in Goa when Udita asked for a car that we didn’t have available with us at the shoot.She borrowed a Bullet from a worker working at the hotel and rode it. I had never seen that and decided that this was the girl I wanted to be with. Udita is a Dehradun girl for whom a bike comes before a car.

So that’s where I got the idea of introducing Shraddha riding a bike, looking very much like a wanderer that she actually is in the film. She is a Maharashtrian girl who travels all over the country picking up stuff from wherever she goes.”

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