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Rowdyism, the in thing in bollywood this year

Gone are the days when the typical bollywood hero would be a nice and nerdish boy next door as this year especially, bollywood directors and actors seem to have developed a liking for the rowdyish and street gangster look, as nearly all of the films had the portray that kind of images. Shahid Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Kumar and even Ranbir Kapoor (who’s probably least likely to carry of the ruffian image) were all seen in rowdy avatars.

For some reason, Shahid Kapoor seems to have decided to shed off his chocolate boy image and stick to the rowdy image throughout this year, with both his releases, R…Rajkumar and Phata Poster Nikla Hero portraying him as the street smart rowdy who gets himself involved in innumerable fights to win his girl. However, we think that he should now go back to playing the boy next door, as we don’t think that the rowdy image has done that much to his career.

With Boss, Akshay Kumar has portrayed the rowdyish look as well, but we have to admit that he’s carried it off rather well, owing to his already very serious and bossy image. Sanjay Dutt donning this kind of image is no surprise to us as we know how well he fits into it and he’s done a great job once again with Zilla Ghaziabad.

Saif’s stint as the rowdy in Bullet Raja is also something that he’s been able to carry off well, but unfortunately for him, the movie didn’t do that well.

And although we know how good an actor Ranbir Kapoor is, his role as the local thief in Besharam which was probably the most rowdyish role he’s ever done, definitely didn’t go that well with the audiences.

So maybe bollywood directors should now let go of any more trials to portray bollywood heroes as the rowdies as this definitely didn’t go that well with the audiences..!

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