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Anushka Sharma says, “Virat Kholi and I are just friends”

Today marks the fifth years in Bollywood for the very talented Anushka Sharma, who had a superb career launch with Rab Ne Banadi Jodi, opposite Shahrukh Khan.

Talking to a popular tabloid, Anushka Sharma finally broke her silence about being linked to cricketer Virat Kholi. Rubbishing all rumors, the actress said, she wasn’t dating Virat and that they are just friends.

“No, I am not. We are friends. I met him during the shoot of a shampoo commercial. I thought he’d be arrogant so I also went with arrogance but once we started shooting, I realised that he’s really chilled out. We shot together for three days and on the second day of the shoot, I was having a get-together at my place so I called him over to hang out with my friends”.

“That’s what it was and the next thing I read is a completely fictional account of how we were smooching in a lift in front of some Aunty from my building who we made uncomfortable. Arrey, I’m not even a hugging person. I feel very weird when everyone hugs each other on the sets. I’m like arrey kal hi toh mile thay yaar”, she added.

Apparently, there was a story written about how Virat kept turning back to look at her after she came to see him off in the parking area of her building. Reacting to this Anushka said, “Yeah, I read that. I think it’s some bored neighbour with a notepad and pen who is writing these flop scenes from a bad film.”

So far, Anushka has acted in only five films, which is a small number when compared to her contemporaries. However, the actress has no regrets. “Professionally, none. I never put myself in a place I don’t want to be in. Even if it’s about endorsing a brand if I don’t agree with what the brand is saying I won’t promote it. I’ve always known what I want. Personally, there have been ups and downs but I’ve come to realise that the downs are good for an actor’s emotional reserves. Earlier I used to get frazzled when something bad used to be written about me and I used to say it doesn’t bother me but I was lying”, ended Anushka.

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