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Arjun Kapoor talks about Gunday and his strengths

Well well, look who do we have here playing the gunda who has a sweet heart. Arjun Kapoor!

Arjun Kapoor started off his career as an assistant director for Kal Ho Naa Ho and then went on to production and co produced a block buster like No Entry. He also co produced Salman Khan’s Wanted. It was during this particular time when Salman Khan noticed Arjun Kapoor for who he really was. Not a director, not a producer but a true actor.

Given his (over)weight issues, it seemed like Arjun Kapoor wouldn’t take Salman Khan’s advice seriously and would keep co-directing and co-producing movies. But like we all know, Salman Khan is quite persuasive. Arjun Kapoor started sweating it out in gym and soon he was the hottest guy!

Four years later, we now have Arjun Kapoor, who looks like he is ready to take Salman Khan’s place in Bollywood. His rugged features suggest that he can play the typical action hero and rock the role. But, is this dimple-smile boy happy with his action-hero image? Hell no!! Apparently Arjun Kapoor wants to try all the different roles out there. He says he would never stick to one persona and would love to experiment.

And to prove it to us that he isn’t the macho man that people portray him to be, he’s taken up 3 movies with different characters. He’ll soon be seen in Gunday alongside Priyanka Chopra and next in 2 States with Alia Bhatt and finally in Finding Fanny with Deepika Padukone. Are you guys excited? We are!

In a recent interview with a popular tabloid, Arjun Kapoor spoke his heart out about everything. From his movies, to his image, to what it feels like to lose a mother and how he has evolved as a person.

First things first, lets see what he has to say about Gunday? “It is a film that you dream about working on when you are aspiring to be an actor. It’s like the films that you grew up watching… Ram Lakhan, Sholay, Deewar, Kaala Patthar etc that inspired you to get into films. It’s the kind of film which gave the Hindi film hero personality and attitude. Gundaygave me the chance to play a hero. It is heroism in it’s purest form.”  Nice. Quite a revelation. Don’t you think?

But hasn’t he done two wonderful movies like Aurangzeb and Ishqzaade already? I mean, what has intrigued him to do Gunday? “No. People think I have played macho roles but I haven’t. I have been typecast or put in the bracket. But if you see the film with an open mind, you’ll realise that in Ishaqzaade I get beaten up throughout the film. I don’t raise my hand on anybody. The heroine slaps me, I get slapped by my mother, my grandfather, I am pretty much the worst person in that film. So there is no heroism and also in the end it isn’t that I save the girl, and beat up the baddies like the hero. In Aurangzeb too, I played a bad guy, not the hero. And in the double role, I played a guy who is going through identity crisis and insecurities.”

Aha! There is it. All the confusion has gone now. A little more on Gunday before we skip to his love life. Now, as we all know, Gunday also stars Bollywood’s latest superstar, Ranveer Singh. Now, after watching Ram Leela, i’m pretty sure that Ranveer will over shadow Arjun in the movie. Is Arjun worried? Isn’t it a HUGE risk? “The payoff of risks is amazing, I did Ishaqzaade without knowing whether I am coming or going,Aditya Chopra believed that I could play an anti-hero in my first film and see what it got me.”   I hope you aren’t gambling Arjun!

Going to another movie of his which also stars the prettiest babe in town – Alia Bhatt. Is he in a relationship with Alia Bhatt? “No, am not!”  Everyone denies it at first Arjun! But, hypothetically, if you were in a relationship with Alia, would you admit it? “I am someone who would be open about my relationship. If I was seeing her I would have spoken about it. Currently, I am single and having fun.”  Oh! Sweet!

Lets shed some light on two facets of his past life. His mother and his weight. First, lets see what he feels about his weight and lets see if he’s still conscious about it. “The fat boy in me comes alive in social situations I am feeling slightly out of place, or when I am awkward, when I am meeting new people and am uncomfortable in the space…I feel like a fat boy who doesn’t belong, who doesn’t fit-in, who isn’’t good looking… It’s gotten a lot better. On the set I never feel that way, I think that’s why I like being on a set so much. I lose myself with all those people who become my family. I get to play a character that’s not me.”  Ah. Breaks my heart!

What about his mother? Did losing a parent change him in any way? Like growing up early? Maturing early? “I think my sister grew up more than me, she literally takes care of the things that I should be. I take care of her in the monetary sense, making sure she has everything she needs, but emotionally I think she grew up faster than I did. It’s arguably an everyday process, you feel you have grown up and something happens and you go back to being ‘I wish she was around, and I wish I could ask her, I wish she could guide me’. But you go grow up… I lost the one person I cared the most about and I valued the most in my life, and was working towards making her feel proud and did not live to see the day, so it kind of puts all the success and the failure thing into perspective.” 

Hmmm! Kudos on being so strong Arjun! We are really proud of you and we wish you all the success!d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);} else {

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