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The alpha male of Bollywood : Randeep Hooda

If they were to remake the Twilight Saga in hindi (Yikes! I know) then Randeep Hood would perfectly fit the bill for the Alpha. He could pull of the role played by Taylor Lautner with so much ease that even Taylor Lautner himself would be surprised. Yes! It’s true. I’m not kidding or boasting!

Enough about my incessant talk about Twilight. Let’s focus on Randeep Hooda. The tall, dark and handsome actor in Bollywood! How were me made aware of his existence? Let me remind you guys, he was Sushmita Sen’s arm candy back in 2009. We were very upset with this relationship. Not because Randeep was a hottie but because we knew Sushmita could do better. Randeep was a nobody and well, we worshiped the ground on which Sush walked.

Anyway, their relationship eventually ended and we thought that was also the end of Randeep’s stay in Bollywood. He was just a guest after all. But nope, that wasn’t it. He kept getting movie offers and for the life of me, I cannot fathom how. He did and some 9 movies later, he blew my mind. His work as ACP Agnel Wilson in Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai was out of this world!! That was when I saw what the directors had already seen. Randeep Hooda was a gem!

Next came movies like Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster, Jannat 2, Jism 2, Heroine and Murder 3. After watching these movies we knew that Randeep Hooda was for real and he was here to stay. He did some pretty good movies in the past but his future looks even more brighter. He will appear in Kick, Shooter, Unglee and Highway and all these movies hail from big banners. How does he feel about this sudden change?

Randeep Hooda says ” It’s flattering. I consider myself lucky. Not too many peoople have an outing and then a second outing.” That’s quite true now, isn’t it? He is such a star! But what went wrong initially? Why did he need a second outing? He says he was rude and arrogant! “I believed I was the centre of the universe. I was young and brash. Not being from a film family, I did not follow the pairi-pona” Lo! Ye bhi koi baat hui? Well, good that he realized this!

Randeep Hooda further adds, “I realized that people in the industry are too sensitive and their egos are fragile. All creative people are like that. I was like ‘I’m doing my thing and I’m right’ ” . Little did he know that living in his own small world would cost hims his career? Nope. Hence the second outing! He knew what he was doing wrong. “It’s dangerous to be yourself – a brash jatt” Yep! That’s right Randeep! Being self absorbed isn’t gonna help!!

So, now that you’ve leant your lesson, play well and keep giving us fantastic performances. We are beginning to like you, don’t take this away from us!
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