Why are actresses paid less in Bollywood?

We worship the ground on which Bollywood Celebrities walk. I mean literally!! Our lives are as dramatic as any Bollywood movie. We have the brother-sister nok-jhok, we have the maa ka pyaar and pitaji ka aashirwad. We have school boys roaming around in bicycles declaring their undying love. We have just about everything in our real life.

Now, we also have one thing that should really stop. The fact that men take home bigger pay cheques. I mean, it’s quite unfair. Yeah, yeah. We all know that men by nature are more powerful, more talented yada yada yada!.. and hence its okay for them to take bigger pay cheques. But in an industry like Bollywood, I’m pretty sure that BOTH men and women work equally hard.

Come on guys! Equality is something we are all striving for. Why isn’t Bollywood endorsing it then? It’s high time. It really is!

If you look at it, Bollywood is actually the number 1 target of Sexism. Be it in popularity, earnings, profits, or even in the opening and closing credits. The actors are first followed by the actresses. Why?

If you look at their earnings the actors make way more than the actresses. Actually they make triple the amount. Aamir Khan is the highest paid actor in Bollywood. He makes around 40 crore per movie, including the profits shared from the movie.

But when you look at the highest paid actresses who are Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, they make only 3-4 crore per movie. Why is that? How unfair can the society get? It not just movie, even while endorsing brands, actresses are way behind. Salman Khan charges 1.5 crore per advertisement per day where as Vidya Balan charges only 0.25 to 0.5 crore per advertisement per day.

Understood that when it comes to hard labor, men are more compatible and to an extent it is okay from them to take home more wages. But what is it in Bollywood that men do and women don’t? What about talent? Don’t actresses have talent?

What about the numerous times when the movie is hit only because of an item song? What about the times when women have to shed kilos to fit the role? Aren’t they being professional by meeting the directors requirement? Then why aren’t actresses paid more?

Is this what professionalism is? In a country where Bollywood is followed like a religion, are these celebs setting the right example? Well no!  The female population in Bollywood should really join hands and take a stand against this inequality.

And please, this not feminism, this is just asking for what is right and what is fair. Either actresses should be paid more or actors should be paid less. It is only fair. Both actors and actresses put in equal amount of hard work.

Actresses go through hours and hours of hair and make up to look perfect on screen. They deserve to get paid as much as the actors do. When it comes to promoting movies, making it spicier with item numbers and steamy scenes, actresses have to step forward. But when it comes to hog the limelight, be the hero, save the day and take a bigger cheque, it’s the actors day!

One thought on “Why are actresses paid less in Bollywood?

  1. Suchitra Sen ,the greatest and most beautiful actress in Indian history . She had a great personality and character and she had demanded higher fee and greater screen time than all her hero including the gratest Bengali hero Uttam Kumar. Even her name would be displayed before the name of her hero. In 1960 , she got 2 lakh for saptopodi film against Rs 1.5 lakh for the hero. Her extra ordinary character allowed her these. Actresses of these days do not command the respect like Mrs Sen used to command. Every actress should see atleast top ten films of Suchitra sen ( Saptopodi, Shilpi , Harano Sur, Chawa Pawa, Deep jele jai , Sriti tuku Thack etc ) and also learn about her life, life style etc. Most importantly She was the most beautiful woman in this planet. Her look, her eyes, nose, her figure, her expression were all outstanding and no other actress in the history of Indian cinema can match her.

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