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“I’d love it if my daughter gets into cinema” Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan, the dad of three kids, daughter Ira and son Junaid with his ex-wife Reena and Azad with Kiran Rao, is the perfect loving and doting Dad just like he is a perfectionist in everything else. Talking about his plans for his kids, he took us by surprise when he revealed how he’d like to see his daughter Ira become an actress.

“I would love that, but I have no idea. I don’t ask them” was what he said when he was asked as to how he would like it if Ira got into bollywood to become an actress.

Aamir also added that he would in fact like all of his children to get into films but would never impose the idea on them. “They should do what they feel like doing. No pressure from me or from any of us. If they decide to come to the films, I would like all my children enter films” was what he said.

He thinks that if they enter films, it would get them to work together and that he’d love that.”If they enter a field where I am in, Kiran is in, we will be able to work together, hopefully, and that would give me great amount of joy. So, I would be very happy if my daughter joins the films” he says.

Junaid meanwhile has already entered the film kingdom by becoming the assistant director of RajKumar Hirani for Aamir Khan’s upcoming film ‘Peekay.’

So will Aamir be ready to produce a film that Junaid would want to direct? “Junaid, why not? If he comes up with a good script and if I have the trust and faith in him as a director, then definitely. He will have to satisfy me like any other director” is what he said, speaking about it.

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