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Nimrat Kaur: Simple, elegant and amusing!

Making a debut in Bollywood at 31 was not something that Nimrat Kaur planned, it just happened. This fearless Punjabi khudi seized every opportunity that knocked her door and did not hesitate to take any risks. When Nimrat lost her father at 11 she started daddying her younger sister. Her family was completely dependent on her father, financially and emotionally and when he died the three women were taken aback and started from the scratch. It was a difficult for Nimrat to pack her bags and move to Mumbai to make a career out of her passion ACTING. Even more difficult it was for her to convince her mom to let her go. She thought she’d be spotted in a mall or in some place by some director and her life would be set but that definitely didn’t happen.
She is more fondly remembered as the diary milk silk girl. She says she strikes a balance by doing theater, plays and ads. This was where the director of Lunchbox first saw her and decided she was the one. After Lunchbox there has been no turning back, with this film, Nimrat gave an all new definition to a housewife. What she found most amusing about Ila, her character in this film, is the fact that she wanted to seduce her husband with her food. She wanted to sex up Ila in her words. Well she didn’t manage to seduce her husband but she seduced the audience very well. Nimrat may not be the most good looking actress but she is definitely one of the most talented.
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