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Uday thinks that Aditya Chopra should seek ‘recognition’

Uday Chopra and Aditya Chopra although are brothers have a lot of thins that they differ in. For instance, Uday is a very outgoing person and Aditya is an introvert. While Uday Chopra has never hesitated to come in front of the camera Aditya never did. Also Aditya Chopra never ever interacts with the media or answers their questions despite being the big hand behind many movies.

“He (Aditya) is reticent. He has nothing against media but he doesn’t like to talk too much. He does not want to be recognised and that is his biggest problem” was what Uday said speaking on it.

Uday said that Aditya Chopra has been a big movie buff and likes to watch movies first day. “He wants to watch films every Friday, first day first show. Aditya believes in watching movie as a common man. He doesn’t like too many people as he is not a public kind of person”he says.

But then, Uday doesn’t think that that kind of reticence would work these days, especially if you are a movie person. “It is important to be out in front of everyone. Today, you need to have better PR in place but I think it is ok for him. If you are talented and prove yourself time and again, then you can get away with it. But the fact that we are talking about him shows that he is doing something good. I would say it is ok… not a big deal.” was what he said, speaking on it.


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