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Shraddha Kapoor’s starry tantrums on the sets of Haider!

Shraddha Kapoor, the cutesy and delicate beauty has recently unveiled her mean and finicky side while shooting for Haider. If it is hard to believe for you that she is capable of something like that, read the entire story..,

When the shooting of Haider was going on in Kashmir, the whole of the cast and crew were staying in this five star hotel in Srinagar. All the co-stars of Shraddha Kapoor like Shahid Kapoor, Tabu, Irrfan Khan were all given suites while Shraddha was given a special room due to the lack of suites here. And that’s when Shraddha refused to stay in anything other than a suite. She was then moved to another five star hotel where there was a suite available and then later was moved back to the old hotel with the rest of the crew as soon as a suite was available here. Only then was she happy.

While a source close to the film conformed this by saying, “The hotel was full at the time. And the production-in-charge tried to explain this to Shraddha but she wasn’t appeased”, Vishal Bharadwaj denies the whole thing saying that “We were all staying in the same hotel. Shraddha is the most pampered person on the sets.Shraddha is a lovely girl both on and off the sets. And there were no tantrums.”

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