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Sambhar salt stretch on the Highway Diaries 5

We love how Imtiaz Ali has been creating these ‘Highway Diaries’ that show the making of his highway in small and really nice episodes. In the fifth installment of the Highway Diaries, Imtiaz Ali released these pictures of Alia Bhatt, Randeep Hoonda and the rest of the cast shooting at the highway along the Sambhar region of Rajasthan.

The Sambhar region of Rajasthan which is entirely filled with salt is a very amazing place to experience like we can see from all those pictures. Alia Bhatt who was born and brought up entirely in the urban India is naturally very much exhilarated at being able to shoot here. She says that this has been a great experience for her and that she would never have been able to see all these places has it not been for Highway.

Alia also said that she actually started getting into the skin of her role in the movie, Veera only when she came to the Sambhar Salt Pan for the shooting.

There is a lot more for us to look forward to as Highway apparently will be shot in six Northern states and will show some really amazing and never seen before places in them.

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