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After Salman, its Shahrukh now for Elli Avram

We’ve seen Elli Avram do everything that she could possibly do to impress Salman Khan. She’s cooked Indian food, learned Hindi, danced for some item numbers from his songs and sung some of his really amazing romantic numbers and all of that. And Salman was definitely impressed, calling her the next Katrina Kaif showing his support to her whenever he could and all of that.

But there’s one thing that he failed to do. Although Elli Avram’s been hinting that she wanted to be seen in a film with him many a times, he simply ignored her remarks. So looks like this pretty lady has now started to look for her chance to get into movies with some one else this time, Shah Rukh Khan..!

Elli Avram cannot stop praising Shah Rukh Khan these days for some reason. She recently went on to call him her favourite bollywood hero and then she said that her favourite ever bollywood film would be Devdas of the 2002. Speaking on how she’s developed a crush on Devdas, here’s what the Mickey Virus girl says, “I like ‘Devdas’ the most because the love that is shown in the movie is so deep and beautiful, it is amazing. I have a crush on that movie.”

We do hope that atleast this time, she gets what she wants.

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