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Prediction of Jackpot: Jackpot or crackpot?

Jackpot movie is about three cons outwitting one another only to lose and win again. It is a comedy thriller. Jackpot is a fast paced thriller starring Sunny Leone, Naseeruddin Shah and Sachin Joshi. The film has been directed by controversial director Kaizad Gustad who has also composed the music for this film. The film is shown in 10 chapters spread out over 10 days. Each chapter or day is about 10 minutes long. The theme of the movie is set in the world of casino boats and gambling in Goa. We’ll tell you what lies in store for you if you plan to watch the film. Prediction of Jackpot, will it be a Jackpot or will it make you a crackpot!

It is contemporary, urban, young, fresh and funny. This is a universal story about greed, trust and love. It is told in a fast and frenetic manner – complete with song, dance and action.

Where there is Sunny Leone, there is bound to be controversy. Jackpot got into trouble for a topless scene by Sunny Leone. Where there is Naseeruddin Shah, there is maal. We hope to see some sensible cinema, courtesy Naseer Saab. This film is being promoted left, right and center. We hope it has some substance for the story line seems really interesting. Jackpot is a thriller which has all the ingredients necessary to make for a gripping movie, what we hope is for the director not to lose track of the plot and concentrate more on Sunny Leone neckline.

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