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“My husband wants a baby badly” Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone, the Jackpot actress, talks all about her parents, her porn star days and her husband Daniel whom she loves a lot.

Sunny Leone, as many of us didn’t know is basically of Indian origin, her parents were both Sikhs who settled in the Canada. She reveals how her parents always tried to keep her busy with soccer, basketball and a lot of other things and how she’d always try to earn money by doing something or the other at a very young age. That’s how she started playing a porn star when she was 19. And in the initial days of her stint as an adult star, her parents were unaware of it.

Here’s what she says talking about it, “I wanted to be a part of the entertainment world as it was very fascinating to me. An agent saw my portfolio and offered to make me an adult star. I saw the magazines and found the women very beautiful. Also, there was so much money that I decided to do it and said yes, but I did not tell my parents. I was 19 at that time and was living on my own.”

Daniel her husband, has always been supportive of her and has been the most loving husband ever, she says. And talking about how she met him, here’s what she says, “I met him through a common friend, who, actually, I did not like much. Daniel would be stalking me and emailing me and proclaimed love at first sight. He ended up sending me flowers and chocolates everywhere. We finally had our first date and while I have OCD with time, I consciously got late and even ate my food before I went. But what ended up happening was that we talked for the whole night over a glass of wine without opening the menu and realized that we really hit it off well.”

Also, Suuny talks about how she would like to become a mother very soon and have babies, as she claims that Daniel has been having baby fever since quiet some time now.

“My husband has baby fever right now. I keep saying, ‘Hold on, tiger.’ He wants a baby so bad. All my friends are pregnant and I don’t know what is happening this year. I want a baby sooner than later, but I also believe that I must hold on to this moment in my life as it will not repeat itself.”

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