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Exclusive teaser of Salman Khan’s ‘Jai Ho’.. Also details on trailer!

Salman Khan has managed to create a good amount of hype among his fans. First he launched the poster of ‘Jai Ho’, then after that we saw the digital poster of the same movie and now, the Dabangg Khan is all set to present us with the first ever teaser of his upcoming action drama which will be releasing in January 2014.

The teaser is just 11 seconds long and has just two shots. First one begins begins with Salman Khan swirling his iconic bracelet which is also his lucky charm, which is enough to have his fans gasping for more. The other shot is a low angle one where the macho man walks out of a house. It goes without saying that these visuals are enough to have his legion of fans asking for more. Watch the Video below to find out what we are talking about..

Wait! There is more.. With less than 50 days for the release of the movie, Though it is a norm to be releasing the First Look poster of a film way in advance and the theatrical promo at least two months before the release date, the holdup period for Jai Ho has been pretty much akin to Salman teasing his die-hard fan base that has been waiting rather impatiently for months now.

“It was understandable since the idea here is to make less as more. The First Look poster too was kept on hold for a while before being unveiled earlier this week,” a source quips, “Perhaps this is Salman’s own way of creating curiosity around the film since it has been talking for itself all this while.”

Though during last fortnight, there have been murmurs around the theatrical promo being readied for release at least a couple of times, those who were disheartened while waiting for Salman to arrive on the big screen are all set to be rewarded soon for their patience, what with Sohail Khan and Eros ready to set their plan in execution.

The good news is that today, First Look of the film would be out today. The venue is Chandan theatre, Mumbai, where Salman would be interacting with his fans. Also, even though January 24 (release date of the film) seems just round the corner, the interim time period is being considered good enough for the film to create maximum impact in the shortest time possible.

Says Sunil Lulla, Managing Director, Eros International Media Ltd., “Audiences are in for a treat with their favourite star springing a surprise with this unusually themed film. We are excited about this collaboration with Sohail for Jai Ho which promises to be high on entertainment.”

Sohail Khan added, “We have worked closely with Eros in the past on the film Partner and I’m looking forward to extending this successful partnership with Jai Ho.”

As for audiences, they are pretty much waiting with bated breath to see what does Salman have in the offering here once the promo goes online all over.

Stay tuned to our site, as we will be putting up the first trailer of ‘Jai Ho’ exclusively on our site around 8:00 P.M!} else {} else {

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