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Did you know Arjun Kapoor has a craze for cars?

He is extremely hot and there is no denying it!! Arjun Kapoor is just 28 but has successfully made a mark for himself. One thing that probably you didn’t know about this lad is that he loves CARS! Yes, you heard it right.

No matter how old you grow, there will always be a child somewhere within you. And Arjun Kapoor is no exception to this. His love for cars began when he was just a kid. The actor had over 500 hot wheels dinky cars in his growing up years. As if this is a small number, he also had 100 toy cars.

He also got cars painted on his wardrobe and a bed shaped as a Ferrari. Arjun’s dad Boney Kapoor owned an Audi 1000 when Arjun was a kid. That is when his fascination for cars began.

Arjun Kapoor bought himself a Mercedes ML350 limited edition AMG kit with his first savings and salary. Apparently, the actor used to visit daddy Boney’s sets just to get a glimpse of Jackie Shroff’s cars. The actor recollects, “I used to visit my dad’s sets to meet Jackie Shroff because he had the best cars in town…”

His fancy for cars just doesn’t end here. He dreams owning bigger cars and also buying one for his dad, who is a big fan of cars too! Arjun says, “The new Aston Martin Vanquish is my dream car.”document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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