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When Abhishek Bachchan Blackmailed Farah Khan

Farah Khan has got her hands full with shooting for her upcoming Shahrukh Khan starrer Happy New Year. She has to handle an ensemble cast that includes Abhishek Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Sonu Sood, Vivaan Shah, Jackie Shroff, Boman Irani; she needs to take care of extensive, complicated shoots that also involve underwater filming and now, she has to handle her actors blackmailing her.

As per a tweet, Abhishek Bachchan threatened to walk out of the shoot. Hold on guys, he was just playing a prank on her. “I’m being held hostage in @juniorbachchan make up van..he’s threatening 2 go home if I 2 go n set up my shot now???” was Farah’s tweet.

To which, Abhishek responded by tweeting a weird picture of Farah and said “PACK UP!!!!! I’m going home how can I shoot when you’re looking like this?” Farah retorted, “Between @juniorbachchan n @KarunaBadwal don’t know who’s posting worse pics of me!! Now I’m going home!!”

Meanwhile, this Karuna Badwal is Farah’s celeb manager who did his part in the prank and tweeted “Photographic evidence of @TheFarahKhan being held hostage by@juniorbachchan .. Who has put a misleading pic..bachao!”

There’s a lot of fun in Filmistan!
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