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WHAT THE HELL! Sonakshi Sinha on the cover of L’Officiel

I’m furious!!! This is ridiculous! How can this be possible?! This is so unfair! It’s almost depressing!


Don’t say that she has no control over the pictures that get published because that’s plain bullshit!

Okay!! Time to calm down and time to tell y’all why I’m so furious! So, it was just another night and as usual I was on face-book, wasting my time doing nothing important and suddenly I see a picture of Sonakshi Sinha in a jaw dropping-ly amazing purple outfit! I wanted to get the full picture so I clicked on the image and I was baffled!

Just look at her! Even Kareena Kapoor isn’t that thin. Hell! Even Alia Bhatt isn’t that thin!

Contouring your face and making it angular is one thing. It’s totally alright. We all like to indulge in make up once or twice but photo shop? This is blasphemous! We didn’t think shotgun junior would ever need such fake confidence. This is very sad, very disappointing! Upsetting even!

Sonakshi-SinhaThis is who Sonakshi Sinha really is. No offense guys! We love her and we ACCEPT her the way she looks! I mean, we are quite proud of Sonakshi Sinha for being so confident about her (over)weight.

Strike that! After her appearance on L’Officiel, we aren’t proud of her anymore. Nope Sonakshi. We didn’t expect this from you. How could you ditch us? When did things change? What happened? We would really like to know!

Is it just me? Or even you guys can notice the difference between the two pictures? Like the VISIBLY thin waist? The extra sharp jaw line? The slender arms? The super long slender thighs? Sigh!!

Yes, agreed that she’s looking breath-taking-ly beautiful and it seems like the stars are shining down on her and if she smiles, just for once, the world would stop. But what about normal people? Who idolize her? For her confidence? For her real beauty? What about the other normal people who are inspired? Hmm.. We really didn’t expect this from you Sonakshi!

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