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Mary Kom gives boxing tips to Priyanka

We know how Priyanka Chopra is going to be working in the biopic on the boxing champion Mary Kom. The extremely professional actor that Priyanka is, we hear that she’s been doing everything she can to get her role right. We hear that she’s been spending a lot of time with Mary Kom, learning things about her life and her boxing career.

Mary Kom, we thought might be annoyed at how most of her time practicing boxing has been snatched away by Priyanka, but recently she cleared the air on this saying that in fact she was very much excited at how her life is being made into a movie.

She said that she never imagined that someone would make a movie out of her life and that a superstar would act in it. Mary Kom also said that all the allegations on how Priyanka wasted her time were false saying that it was she who offered to help her. She’s given her tips on boxing as well, from what she says.

Apart from being a great boxer, Mary Kom seems to have a very sweet personality as well.., looking at how she came to the defense of Priyanka so quickly.

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